Thursday, March 21, 2019

March Birthdays

Both kids had their was a busy March. Ryan turned 7 and Reagan 12. Ryan insisted on another pokemon party, that's two years in a row! We had it at a place called Pump it Up. What we liked about it was they keep the parties separated so it was just one party in a room at any one time. It was mainly kids from Ryan's 1st grade class and a few from his Kinder and pre K class. Everything went smoothly and everyone had a great time. Success. Reagan's birthday fell a little flat this year, leaving me feeling very guilty and disappointed for her. I had the great idea to take her to Sea World. Our last trip was so magical, I was hoping we could recreate even a little of that. Not so much. After getting up very early and driving 2.5hrs to San Antonio, we had to sit at least 45min in a line of cars before we could even park. Then we waited forever in line for tickets where we finally gave up on getting the disability rate and just bought season passes (same price as a daily ticket). It was unseasonably hot and very sunny and oh so crowded. I thought we'd be OK since Houston and San Antonio had already had their spring breaks the week before, but boy was I wrong. There was no magic. Reagan was a good sport but it wasn't the birthday I had hoped for her. The best part of the park for her was actually the new addition Discovery Point (which I don't think you even need a ticket for). It had floor to ceiling viewing windows of the dolphins and the sharks in the aquarium. There wasn't much else for her in the park. I was very disappointed. It was just too busy. I think we'll try going back in May while school is still in session. Hopefully we can book some animal interactions and get her closer to the animals. It was a long day. We left the house around 8am and didn't get home til 7:30pm. And we still had to sing happy birthday! She tolerated the song better than usual, and was still in a decent mood despite the serious look in her pictures.

Another ❤ Grandma cake and I ordered the cookies


Tuesday, March 5, 2019

He's a model

Ryan did some modeling recently. Three different shoots. One Fourth of July the other two more spring shoots. He's definitely got that fake laugh down. He can laugh in 2 seconds flat! They love it, but I wish he'd show less of the toothless look. The pictures turned out pretty cute nonetheless. :)

the pic I took (smile with your mouth closed)