Saturday, October 13, 2018

Central Texas UMDF Energy for Life Walkathon 2018

It was not the best day for a walk. Reagan was on the verge of a bad day and there was rain in the forecast. We had her dressed and ready but ended up having to leave Reagan behind with her nurse. She was just too stressed. It rained a little on our drive there, but held off long enough for the walk. It actually turned out to be nice, it was overcast so it was cool and there was a nice breeze (which Reagan would have hated). Reagan's little friend Carley joined us, which was so sweet, because she knew in advance that Reagan wasn't going to make it but she came anyway to represent for her friend. Reagan's teacher and her family came too, which was nice. My mom drove in for the walk as well as three of Mike's sisters and their kids and my dad and step mother. It wasn't our biggest group, but not a bad showing considering the weather. The rain started up right after the walk so we all headed to breakfast. We didn't stay long, as we had to get back home to Reagan, but it was nice to get to talk with everyone for a bit. Reagan got worse as the day went on and escalated to a "bad day". It was unfortunate that she had to miss but I guess there's always next year. You can still donate if you'd like by clicking this link to Team Rallying for Reagan. I will post more later about another opportunity to donate toward a cause that could help Reagan directly in the very near future!

Reagan and her nurse 

Sweet Carley

Who's having more fun?

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