Saturday, September 15, 2018

Road trip Day 1- Austin to Tucson (14hrs)

Our original idea was to leave early Saturday morning, that way both kids could sleep away half of the trip making our first (and longest) driving day of 13-14hrs half as long. We probably should have stuck with that plan and tried to get a few hours of sleep ourselves before leaving. Instead we decided rather than put the kids to bed and then have to later move them to the car, possibly waking them up, we should just leave earlier and put them into the car for bed. That of course, left us with not getting ANY sleep, which would later prove a not so smart decision. We were SO exhausted…thank God we drove our minivan which has all kinds of navigational warning systems to keep us on the road. Mike was a trooper, driving almost all of the way (I drove 2hrs but that was the most I could do). Ryan was great and super excited to be on the road and headed to Disneyland. Reagan was restless but dozing off an on. Overall she looked very stressed/sweaty, like she might be headed in the wrong direction. She was. When we got to our hotel in Tuscon, we were two hours early…I hadn’t factored in the time difference (which was two hours because apparently Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings time). Thankfully they were sympathetic to our situation and they allowed us to check in super early and we were able to get Reagan in and onto a bed so she could relax. I immediately noticed a large red welt on her bottom. A pressure sore? Ugh. After only the first day. Not good. I'm sure it had to do with the fact that we drove for so long without even stopping. So much for the "drive while they are sleeping" idea. Reagan and I hung out in the room while Ryan and Mike went to get food. We were staying in a hotel/casino so Ryan was mesmerized and kept wanting to go "play games". We were all exhausted though and we napped off and on all afternoon and then we were all asleep super early (even I was in bed by 10, which is unheard of for me). Glad to be done with our longest day of driving. Another busy day tomorrow!

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