Monday, September 3, 2018

Prayers for my girl

So our last good streak wasn't a month, but it was exactly two weeks and that's still pretty good. Unfortunately, it was a particularly rough one lasting two whole days and with little to no response to pain medications. It left us a little uneasy about our upcoming trip to California/Disneyland. We've been wanting to visit California for years and when Mike told me to plan a vacation...I immediately thought of CA. I have a close friend that I met in the blog world 10yrs ago who lives just outside of LA. We've never met in person but have been calling, texting, and emailing for all of these years. Her daughter, Zoey (who I'm sure you remember me mentioning before) and Reagan are both the same age and had the same seizure disorder infantile spasms and that's how we met all of those years ago. So now we are all planning on meeting up in Disneyland for a few days and I really need everyone's prayers that my girl can have an extra special wonderful time. That means we need some good days. Lots of them (but really the most important are the days at Disney). The other catch...we're driving! That's two days there and three days back. We've never attempted such a trip before and we're (I'm) a little nervous about it. So LOTS of prayers are appreciated! We're also planning to meet up with one of our previous nurses turned actress in LA, as well as taking advantage of the many beach wheelchairs available along the coast! Hoping our girl can have lots of good days and enjoy this trip to the fullest. When she's not happy...we're not happy (and that will especially be the case with this trip). Both kiddos will be missing a week from school and therapies, but it's been a long time since we went on a trip and we're hoping by waiting til the school year began, that we will miss some of the summer vacation traffic! Please keep us in your prayers...I'm off to stress (I mean pack)!!!

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Clarissa R. West said...

Praying for a wonderful trip!