Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Day 5- Anaheim to Santa Monica to Oxnard on the beach

We took our time today getting up and leaving Disney. It was bittersweet. We had a really great time but it was time to move on and head to the beach. When planning this trip I seriously looked into staying in Santa Monica near the pier. I'm so glad we didn't. I'm not sure if we were just spoiled by Disney being so super clean but the Santa Monica Pier area just seemed dirty and gross. We looked for parking near the pier and we first tried a garage...but they wanted to park our car themselves and it all seemed pretty shady so we decided to just try to find parking elsewhere. We lucked out and circled back around and found a place right along the road near the pier. I have to admit, I was still a little nervous leaving our car parked there loaded up with all of our luggage with all of the homeless people lining the street. The pier was eh. We walked all the way down and all the way back and we were pretty much done. All Ryan wanted to do was go down to the water. He was throwing quite the fit and wasn't really buying our "just wait til we get to the hotel". We got down to the bottom level of the pier and went to the little "aquarium". It wasn't more than a few (small) tanks but it seemed to shut him up a bit so we were good with that. Since we were already down at beach level we started making our way to the beach, then abruptly turned back around after seeing a giant poo in the sand that we were almost certain was human, as well as an old man walking back from the water in his soaking wet, sagging tidy whities. Gross and gross! We couldn't get back to our car fast enough. And that taco truck parked behind us was looking like the best option we had for lunch. And boy were we right! Seriously the BEST food we had on our trip! $30 for two plates, tacos and loaded fries, but it was so so good. Then we got back on Highway 1 and headed north. Now that was a beautiful drive! Reagan was a little stressed, she kept vocalizing, it seemed like her belly was bothering her. We pulled over into a neighborhood to adjust her and it had some of the most spectacular views ever. What a great place for a pit stop! Then we continued on and got to our hotel around 5pm. Just in time for happy hour. We stayed in the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach hotel. It was an older hotel, it could use some updating, but there was a lot of room to spread out and it was right on the beach. Ryan and Mike promptly went out to the beach where they both got beaten up by the waves and came back full of sand! Both had pockets full! It's a good thing we had two full bathrooms, because one ended up covered in sand. Our room had beautiful views of the ocean/sunset and we all enjoyed stepping out on the patio to take in the view. Hoping for another good day for our girl tomorrow.

Sad to leave Disney...but ready for the beach!

The "aquarium"

These guys did not look real! food EVER!

What a view! This girl is getting so big!

Be quiet Reagan! Lots of sibling bickering this trip.

Are we there yet?'s cool by the water!

Mermaid honor of Disney...and the beach!

Headed to the beach

View from our room

Sunset from our room


Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that I miss your updates. Hope all is well.

Reagan Leigh said...

Awe, thanks. It’s hard to keep up once you back off. I need to be better about posting. Maybe post at least once a week or so (or maybe finish the posts I have halfway the rest of our trip)!