Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Day 4- Second day at Disneyland

Today Disneyland the main park was the one with magic morning hours. The park opened at 9 but the magic hour started at 8am. We were up and in line to get out of our hotel and through the entrance to downtown Disney by 8, but there was already a long line at the security check point. Yes, they would go through your bags and you had to go through a metal detector to get from the entrances of our hotel into both Downtown Disney and California Adventure. There was also a line to get in the gates of Disneyland. Definitely a trend we were noticing. Disneyland itself was always more busy than the other park California Adventure (I think that's because if people only go to one park...they always chose Disneyland). We actually enjoyed the more laid back atmosphere of California Adventure, but while at Disneyland you must partake in the original! So we first headed over to Frontierland as we wanted to ride the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster, but we quickly found out that Frontierland was closed until 9am regular opening hours. So we headed back to Fantasyland where we did the Mad Tea Party (tea cups) once again. That one rarely had a line so it was a quick easy one to do. Reagan also got a quick selfie with Alice and the Mad Hatter. One thing we noticed in the park is that the characters were usually not only in character, but seemed to be in a rush to get somewhere. I was happy that these two took a moment to get a picture with our girl! From there we headed back to the gates for Frontierland where we waiting until they opened and rushed with everyone else (it seemed like) to the big thunder mountain railroad ride. We got in line and it moved super fast as it had just started running. Grandma and Reagan hung out by a waterfall/stream while we rode it with Ryan. Ryan was a little hesitant and scared as we went through a dreaded tunnel but he was fine and afterward even talked about wanting to ride it again. Then we headed over to Fantasyland where we took Reagan on Peter Pan's Flight. Ryan, of course, wouldn't get on. This wasn't wheelchair accessible, but they did have a flying boat that was a little easier to get her into, so Mike picked her up and we road with her between us. This was probably my favorite ride for her. Flying in a ship over scenes from the movie. So neat (I hate that Ryan missed it). Then we all went on Alice in Wonderland ride. Again, not wheelchair accessible, but Mike held Reagan beside him and she was fine. My mom and I had Ryan between us as he was a serious flight risk. He literally tried to crawl out of the little caterpillar cart when he realized we were headed toward a tunnel aka the entrance. We managed to hang onto him and he made it through the not at all scary ride. We skipped Mr Toads Wild Ride, as well as Pinocchio's Daring Journey, and Snow White's Scary Adventure all because we knew Ryan wouldn't even consider getting on them. Then we headed back to Tomorrowland as Ryan really wanted to ride the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage again. Then we all road on the the wheelchair accessible Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride, where you shoot at little aliens with the blasters on your cart. Reagan road beside Dad, while Ryan road between my mom and I. He was a little hesitant but I think he liked the idea of shooting at the aliens so he played along. After that we headed through the crowds (boy it sure was hot and crowded for this time of year) to New Orleans Square and the Haunted Mansion Holiday (they had it decorated with the Nightmare Before Christmas). We got a comeback time that was in 45min or so, so we wondered around Critter Country and got some food at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. The food was not great (yet so expensive) but we really just needed somewhere to sit and rest until it was time to go back to the Haunted Mansion. When we headed back over, we were able to get through pretty quickly and before we knew it, we were inside entering the elevator. Ryan was starting to get stressed. By the time we got out and headed toward the accessible entrance for the ride, he was already saying he didn't want to do it (I honestly think the Nightmare Before Christmas decor scared him more than the haunted mansion itself). I decided to stay behind with him while my mom, Mike and Reagan rode this one. Again, not wheelchair accessible per se but they did have a specific cart that made it a little more easy to get on. We waited for them to get back and then Ryan was happy to get the heck out of there! From there we headed back over to Tomorrowland so Mike, Ryan, and my mom could ride the Star Tours ride. Grandma never got to do that one and Ryan really wanted to do it again. Afterward, we all decided it was time for a break so we rode the Disneyland Monorail back to Downtown Disney and headed to our room to rest. We decided to spend the rest of our afternoon back at California Adventure. Mike and Ryan headed back out before us and got in line for the Grizzly Peak water ride (which was right outside the entrance to our hotel). We came out with Reagan and watched the people come around the bend on that ride. There were geysers that would shoot up water and make a pretty rainbow so it was a nice place to wait. After a 15min wait we finally saw Mike and Ryan come around the bend. They were lucky in that they managed to not go over the water spout as it was erupting and soaking the boats! They were a little wet but not too bad. From there we headed over to Soarin Around the World. We were skeptical that Reagan would be able to ride it, but the cast members (what they call the workers at Disney) were very accommodating and really wanted us to try. I'm so glad we did. It was one of our favorite rides. It was a simulator (as if you're flying in an airplane) that had long rows of seats that your feet hang down from. We got in the front and highest set of seats. I was a little nervous as I wasn't able to brace myself with my feet but we had Reagan in between Mike and I so it worked out perfectly. They even had smells from the different areas around the world...ending with the fireworks show at Disneyland at the end (which we missed out on in real life...don't even get me started). Really cool. After that we headed over to Cars Land so we could ride the Radiator Springs Racers again but it was temporarily shut down. They told us to just come back later. So we headed back to the Pixar Pier and rode the Toy Story Midway Mania ride which had accessible carts. This time Ryan did get on, I think because he liked the idea of shooting at the targets! That was a fun one, a little louder so Reagan wore her head phones, and a little more jostley than most rides she rode on, but she didn't seem to mind! Then we got in line for the Pixar Pal Around (ie Ferris wheel which was also accessible). Beautiful views of the whole park! When we were up there we saw that the Radiator Springs Racers ride was running again so we decided to head back that direction. We did make a quick stop when we saw Mike Wazowski hanging out taking pics on the pier. Ryan was ecstatic! Cars Land was all decorated for Halloween which was super cute and we even saw some of the cars driving down the road. This time Ryan, Grandma, and I all rode the Radiator Springs Racers while Mike sat with Reagan, as it was just a little too fast for my girl. It was definitely one of our favorite rides. At this point everyone was getting pretty tired. We headed back toward the entrance to our hotel and Mike decided to take the kids so my mom and I could ride the Grizzly Peak ride and then go pick up something to eat. Well, guess who ended up in the raft that got SOAKED?!?! Yep, it was us! We went right over both geysers as they were erupting. So much for getting food. We were literally dripping wet and had to go back to the room to change! My mom decided to hang back with the kids so Mike and I could run back into Disneyland to grab some food. Mike was dying for a corndog and I really wanted dole whip! The Halloween decorations were much more impressive at night. It made me a little sad that they didn't get to see it lit up like it was, but the park closed in less than an hour and there was no time. We rushed to Adventureland where the Tiki Juice Bar was and got my Dole whip! So good. Then we stopped at the corndog truck on Main Street, USA and got Mike's corndog. I don't think we took much advantage of the food offered through the park. Most of the time we were so focused on rides, we'd just grab a quick snack and continue on (Ryan at popcorn at least 4-5 times). As we were leaving I saw the Disneyland Railroad...how did I miss that? Ryan would have loved to ride that! Ugh. So much to do, so little time! As we left I took some pics of the lit up entrances...so pretty at night. Sad that the kiddos didn't get to experience it all at night. Everyone was so worn out after our long days! On our way back to our hotel, we stopped at a cotton candy cart in Downtown Disney. They had all different flavors of cotton candy but the guy made a special HUGE pineapple cotton candy (with pixie dust) for Mike. He was a happy camper. I also grabbed a mickey caramel apple at the confectionery. Yum. Then it was back to the room to get everyone settled into bed (now that we were full of candy)! Good night Disneyland. We really did have a magical time!!! (11 rides for Ryan, 8 for Reagan the second day)

Dad's turn on the tea cups!

Look who Reagan found!!! 

About to ride the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad...reassuring Ryan that there are no tunnels (there were tunnels)!

This is actually the view of the Nemo submarine ride from the monorail platform.

Even though Mike said it was boring, this ride was probably Ryan's favorite!

About to go on the Buzz Lightyear ride!

Happy as long as he doesn't have to get one this "scary" one!

Loves R2D2!

See, they didn't get too wet!
OK, maybe they did?!?! 

This giant building is the Little Mermaid ride! It's huge!

You can see the Guardian's of the Galaxy, former Tower of Terror, ride in the background!
Ryan was THRILLED to see Mike Wazowski on the Pixar Pier!!

These pics were from the day before, but taken right outside the Soarin Around the World ride!

The Halloween decorations were so pretty at night! 

Now that's cotton candy!
Red Rum! Red Rum! This hallway in our hotel was so creepy!


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