Monday, September 17, 2018

Day 3- First Day at Disneyland

I woke up around 6:30am and got both Mike and Ryan up early to take advantage of the extra magic hour (Disneyland resort guests get to enter the park an hour early before it opens to the general public). This morning it was California Adventure that was open an hour early so Ryan and Mike headed out at 8am to take advantage of it. My mom, Reagan, and I all took our time getting Reagan up and ready. Thankfully she seemed better. Not happy per se, but content and calm. We were out and in the park by 9:30am or so. Our hotel had a direct entrance to California Adventure so it was super convenient. We located Mike and Ryan who had already ridden on few rides quickly, including the Incredicoaster, a looping rollercoaster, which scared/scarred Ryan from trying some of the easy rides. In that magic hour, they were able to ride the Radiator Springs Racers (a very popular usually very crowded ride), Maters Junkyard Jamboree, the Incredicoaster, and they attempted and failed (Ryan was too chicken) to ride the Toy story midway mania (which wasn't a scary ride). We met up with them at Pixar Pier and rode a few more rides before heading over to Disneyland. We rode the Little Mermaid ride which was wheelchair accessible and perfect for Reagan with the bright lights. Ryan would not ride it. After the whole Incredicoaster incident, he was afraid to get on rides that went into a dark tunnel. Poor guy. We were, however, able to get him on the Golden ZephyrJumpin' Jellyfish, and then the Guardian's of the Galaxy (formerly the Tower of Terror)! After the first drop in that ride, I was ready to get off! I'm not sure how Ryan did it. After that we attempted Monsters Inc with Ryan, one of his favorite movies, but that was a no go...another easy ride he wouldn't get on. Mike, Reagan, and I rode that one as it was also wheelchair accessible. Then we headed to our room for a short rest  and saw a bunch of characters hanging out in the lobby of our hotel! Then it was over to Disneyland to meet up with our friends Heather and Zoey. Heather had quite the traumatic morning getting locked in the bathroom of their hotel room and then having to deal with the hotel to get a new room! We were happy to finally meet up with them near the carousel...Zoey's favorite ride. We all rode on the King Arthur's Carousel twice (they let us stay on for a second trip) and then headed over to Dumbo the Flying Elephant. A ride Ryan had been waiting and waiting for. Before our trip, I had Ryan watch some classic Disney movies he had never seen before and for some reason Dumbo was one of his favorites! So he was super excited about getting to ride the Dumbo ride. While Ryan was in the super long line to get to Dumbo, Heather and I took the girls to go get disability passes. We walked all the way to City Hall at the front of the park, only to be told it would be much quicker for us to just go to one of the DAS kiosks within the park. We finally found one and signed up the kiddos for the disability passes. This didn't allow us to "cut in line" but it did let us get a come back time so instead of waiting in an actual line, we could wait walking around and then come back and get on the ride. I plan on doing a whole separate post on the specifics on accessibility in Disneyland, so stay tuned for that. After Dumbo, we headed toward the Alice and Wonderland rides. Ryan and I did the Mad Tea Party aka tea cups (no wait), then we headed to Tomorrowland. Ryan, Mike, and Grandma all went on the Autopia ride while we waited/rested. Then Mike and Ryan went on the Nemo submarine ride, while Heather, Zoey, Grandma, Reagan and I all went on It's a Small World. This was another accessible ride and were were able to get an accessible boat that accommodates a wheelchair. We didn't even put her head phones on, but Reagan was very tolerant of all of the singing (and it's A LOT of singing). Afterward it was back to Tomorrowland where Ryan/Dad rode the Astro Orbiter. From there we headed to main street where we staked out a front row spot for the Pixar Parade that was happening an hour later. Heather/Zoey and Grandma/Reagan held our spots while Ryan, Mike and I all went and rode the Star Tours ride (a simulator). Then we came back to a very packed street. Ryan was thrilled to get a mickey balloon and we all enjoyed the slightly wet parade (the floats would spit out water). It was starting to get dark so we headed back to the room to get Reagan out of her chair for a while and the sweet girl fell asleep on the bed. My mom, Ryan, and I joined back up with Heather and Zoey in Downtown Disney for dinner, then headed back to the room to crash. It was a looooong but super fun day spent with family and wonderful friends that we were so blessed to finally meet! (13 rides for Ryan and 4 for Reagan the first the Pixar Parade for both!)

Poor scared Ryan...all you can see beside Mike is one tiny little hand holding the bar

Lots to look at in the Guardian's of the Galaxy que...good distraction!

Monster's Inc ride

In our hotel!

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