Monday, September 24, 2018

Day 10- Home at last!

Today we got up and had breakfast then loaded up the car for the drive home. It wasn't a short trip, still 6hrs or so, but compared to our other expeditions it wasn't bad. We got home around 3pm and then began the long process of emptying the car and putting things away. It was a loooong wonderful trip. It was the most time we've spent together as a family EVER. I saw sibling bickering for the first time ever and I have to admit, it warmed my heart. It was a lot of work for me, acting as a full time nurse the whole time we were gone, but it sure was nice to have this time alone with our kiddos. Tomorrow it's back to school for Ryan, back to work for Mike, back to therapy for Reagan, and back to laundry for me...but what a ride it was. What a trip. I loved every second of it and have a feeling we'll be talking about this one for years to come!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Day 9- Texas bound

Another long drive today. Flagstaff to Lubbock. Flagstaff sure was a beautiful town, very wooded and cool. We stopped to get coffee and then got on the road. It was a beautiful drive. Much of the scenery reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. It was a long drive but we made an effort to stop every few hours to get Reagan out of her seat. I think that helped. We also had her sitting on a memory foam cushion. Poor girl, the pressure sore thankfully never got worse, but it's still there and red. We resisted the urge to stop and see a meteor crater and still didn't get to Lubbock til around 8pm or so. We did get pulled over by a cop, right after we crossed the Texas border, but he had mercy on us and our travels and let us go with a warning! Another night crashing and looking forward to sleeping in our own beds tomorrow!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Day 8- Grand Canyon Bound

Last night was another ROUGH night. Reagan was crying nonstop and Ryan had to go sleep on the pull out again. Again, we were just super thankful that we weren't kicked out of our room. Reagan finally got sleepy around 4 or 5am and dozed off. Everyone was exhausted and slept in a little. I had to get up early to finish packing and then had a quick breakfast and met Zoey and Heather in our lobby. They came by to say goodbye. It was so nice to finally get to meet them after 10+yrs of friendship! I wish we could have spent more time together but I'm thankful for the time we had. We were a little late in getting out of the hotel, but Reagan woke up feeling much better and we were ready to conquer our big drive. We were a little worried about our ETA to the Grand Canyon. We were going to be cutting it close to sunset. Mike was up for the challenge though and the last bit of the drive he really gunned it to get us there on time! We made it and it was AMAZING. Surreal really. So glad we got to see it. It got dark and we headed to Flagstaff admiring the sky full of stars as we drove. We picked up some pizza from a place that had been featured on diners, drive ins, and dives. We ate our warm cookies and pizza and then crashed for the night.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Day 7- Bad day at the beach

It was a ROUGH night last night. Reagan started screaming crying and it went on all night. Pain meds weren't working and she was miserable. Poor Ryan woke up and kept yelling at Reagan...eventually we had to move him to the other room on the pull out sofa. Thank goodness we had a two room suite at this hotel. It was a brutal night and we were just super thankful that we didn't get a visit from the hotel management and get kicked out! We had to cancel our plans to meet back up with our friends and go to their favorite beach, which was a real bummer. Reagan and I stayed in the room while Mike and Ryan found a nearby beach to go check out. This one was less rocky and not as rough as the one at the hotel. Ryan is definitely a beach boy! Cold water, who cares! Reagan was not screaming/crying but very moany and clearly still miserable. My hopes were that she would have a mild bad day but as the day/night went on, it was clear that we were going to have another rough night ahead of us. Just praying there is no one in the room beside us!