Sunday, May 6, 2018

We're here!

We're still here! Not a lot going on, just the busyness of everyday life. Reagan has been good, well, except for a stubborn sinus infection that we just now got antibiotics to kick. The runny nose comes and goes, but the fact that it was still thick and green finally motivated us to get her in on Friday (and the fact that the drainage was making her nauseous). We've all been battling some sinus issues, hard to say if it's a cold or just allergies, hoping we're done with that. Reagan had a good day yesterday. She was so calm and content. I couldn't stand the cuteness...I had to take some pics of her! Such a darling girl. She was super still and laid back all day, however that changed as bed time rolled around. She was getting increasingly tense, so I picked her up and held her. She calmed down and eventually fell asleep. Unfortunately she woke the second Mike tried to take her up to bed. She just got more and more upset. It looked a lot like a bad day, so we were not super hopeful on her sleeping last night or waking up this morning OK. She surprised us though, not only did she sleep the whole night through, she slept the ENTIRE day. We were really expecting a bad day today, so I have no clue what to expect of tomorrow. I'm really hoping she slept off any bad day and will wake up tomorrow feeling good.

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