Thursday, May 17, 2018

Super sweet

No nurse again today. This should be the last day as we have found a nurse that seems to be a good fit who will be picking up this weekend and then officially starting next week. Reagan had a sleepy day yesterday. I think it was actually a "bad day" as well, because when she was awake she was very fussy. Thankfully she slept the entire day and woke up this morning super sweet! She slept in a little but woke up just in time for PT. Then she had OT followed by school and she did well with both (although she did fall asleep at the end of school). Sweet girl. It's been a great day to snuggle with my girl and look into those big giant eyes. She is SO PRECIOUS. She's been very alert, making great eye contact, giving me smiles, and pretty easy going with the hands. I'm glad we got to have a mommy and me day!

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