Friday, April 6, 2018

Sweet laid back girl

Today we were nurseless again. With 4 different nurses covering 5 days, there's always something! Thankfully Reagan was a doll today. She's been such a sweet heart. Super laid back and calm. Actually, maybe even a little too low tone. She's been having issues with choking on her spit today. She's also been pretty congested and runny nosed. Everyone seems to have a case of the sniffles lately. Not sure if we're getting something or if we're all just reacting to the ridiculous amount of florescent green oak pollen floating in the air. YUCK. I hooked her up to a drain not really expecting anything to come out and it's been almost a constant stream or air or fluid! Some of the fluid looks a little gunky/thick (maybe snot?). Poor girl. Hoping she feels better by the morning. We're set to leave here bright and early at 5am to head to Houston for the 2018 Energy for Life Houston walkathon! It's gonna be a crazy one. The high today in Austin was 83 degrees, it'll be in the 40s by morning. It actually looks like this front will follow us all of the way to Houston. We will be driving through it the whole way. I keep hoping maybe they’re off in their predictions and that it will speed up so we're not walking in the rain! Ugh. Not too thrilled about getting up that early to drive all that way, but REALLY not happy about the weather situation. What I am happy about is getting to see some of our Houston friends and family and eating breakfast at a place we used to go to nearly every weekend when we first got married! YUM. Hoping everyone is good tomorrow and we have a safe trip. Please keep us in your prayers. If you'd like to donate to the UMDF in Reagan's honor, please follow the link to our team Rallying for Reagan!

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