Saturday, April 7, 2018

Rallying for Reagan Houston

We made it! It wasn't the best of weather, a cool front was actually coming through as we were walking, but we made it to the UMDF Energy for Life Walkathon in Houston! Actually, Stacey, my best friend from high school, was finishing the 5k just as we were unloading! And she placed 2nd! Too bad she didn't finish 3rd to get the Reagan Guidry award (Reagan had an award named after her this year for being one of the top fundraisers last year)! Mike's sister Kristy also ran the 5k as well. All of Mike's sisters from the Houston area braved the bad weather and came out to support Reagan (we did take a team picture, but forgot to get one on our own camera)! Carolyn, our next door neighbor from before we moved, came as well! So good to see everyone! Thank God we had Reagan's rain/wind cover for her stroller, she was the only one that was dry by the end! Ryan took off running during the walk (apparently trying to "win the race") , thankfully one of his cousins managed to catch up with him because us adults could not. Afterward we went and had brunch at our old favorite breakfast spot (near the apartments we lived in when we first got married)! It was a long trek for a short walk, but we are still glad we made it. Both kids were well behaved for the ride and we're happy to be back home tonight!

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