Friday, March 16, 2018

The week of Ryan

This week was spring break and while we didn't have any big out of town plans, I had something planned for Ryan nearly every day this week to keep him busy. It all started on Tuesday when we took an early morning trip to the Austin Zoo. It's not a typical zoo in that it's both small and a rescue zoo (all of the animals have been rescued). It's clear on the other side of Austin from us, but we headed out early and got there just after they had opened for the day. Ryan made his way through all the exhibits at record speed. His favorite thing was probably the many peacocks they had roaming around the zoo. We saw one when we first got there but then saw many, many more. He would go up to them and yell at them to open their feathers...they usually didn't listen. We got very up close and personal with a big male Lion. And spent a good amount of time in the petting zoo and on the train. I think we were in and out in 1.5hrs or so...about typical for Ryan's attention span. The following day Grandpa took him on a real train ride! The Austin Steam Train had a spring break ride to Bertram. It was a 3hr roundtrip ride and I was a little nervous he might give Grandpa some grief, but apparently he was good. The next day we went to see the movie Peter Rabbit. It was cute but didn't really hold his attention the entire time. I think because it was only half animated, but it couldn't just been his short attention span. The next day, Friday, the final day of spring break, we went to the Austin Rodeo carnival/fairgrounds with Grandpa. We got there early before the carnival even opened which was a little upsetting to him, but we were able to distract him with pony rides, the cool petting zoo, bubbles, and pig races! Then it was time to go to the carnival where we thought he only wanted to play games, but turned out to be quite the daredevil wanting to ride some much too scary rides. I got on one with him that I was terrified during, granted I'm a big baby when it comes to rides, but it was way too scary for a barely 6 yr old. He did win some toys and a FISH that we later had to go spend a fortune on buying tank/accessories. All in all it was a fun spring break for my boy. Can't wait for school to start next week and to begin the week of Reagan! Big birthday next week for my girl!

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