Sunday, March 25, 2018

Nauseous and neurologically off

Reagan had a laid back day for the most part yesterday. She did wake up a little serious and had a seizure shortly thereafter. Ugh. I really wish they would just go away. The rest of the day she was very laid back, but just a little sensitive/startley. Definitely neurologically off. But calm and quiet. Then tonight she started getting spitty, then chokey, then gaggy. Double ugh. Not good. Especially at night right before bedtime. Mike was able to lay down with her and eventually get her to stay asleep. I think laying on her side helped. I switched her over to pedialyte for overnight. I wasn't super confident we'd get much sleep last night (esp since we didn't go to bed til after 2 and 3). She was back up around 6:30. Not really gaggy but spitty/chokey so I moved her to her chair. We slept in. Today has been pretty similar to yesterday. Very sensitive/startley. Serious. I did get a few kooky laughs, not much but I'll take em! Not sure what to expect for tomorrow. Hoping we're not trending in the wrong direction. Sweet girl. Praying for a better night tonight.

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