Monday, March 5, 2018

My big girl

Reagan had a GI appt this morning. We did an early session of speech and then drove to Round Rock for her appt. Reagan's GI doc that she's had for years just left to go work in Dubui and he recommended us transferring over to this Dr. One huge surprise was Reagan's weight. We weighed her at the appt and she now weighs 70lbs! That means she's gained ~10-15lbs on this new formula. The interesting thing is, we've had her on almost the exact same amount of calories as her previous formula. But this new formula (Kate Farms) is organic and obviously better metabolized by her. Her new Dr is happy that she's put on some weight, but that much that quickly is something we definitely need to keep an eye on. We don't want this trend to continue, we already are struggling to lift/carry her. It was a pretty quick appointment, we just went over Reagan's history and that was about it. We headed home and even got back in time for Grandma and I to go see a movie. It's been nice to have Grandma around, but I'm afraid I am a little allergic to her dogs. I've been sneezing the whole time they've been here. I would like to get a dog again at some point, Ryan has loved playing with the puppy, but I don't know how I'll survive it! Maybe a smaller dog would have less allergens??

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