Friday, March 2, 2018

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today was Ryan's birthday. He's had a rough go of it lately at school (we had to change his ADHD medication because they've stopped making it and the new one doesn't seem to be helping at all), but thankfully he had a great day today! Maybe it was the special treatment he's gotten all day? I went this morning and had lunch with him. I took him some donuts and Grandma brought him a happy meal (since his lunch started at 10:30 and McDonalds doesn't serve lunch til 10:30). The donuts were a big hit! Later this afternoon I took cupcakes up to school for his class. Everyone enjoyed it and they all sang him happy birthday. We wrapped it up and he was able to leave a few minutes early. Then tonight we all sang happy birthday to him. It was a great day for our boy!

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