Thursday, March 8, 2018

Good but increasingly tense

Reagan had a pretty good day today. While there was a definite increase in tone today compared to Sun-Wed (she's been super loosey goosey), she's still been in a pretty good mood. More vocal, but OK. She had an evaluation with a new PT today. I'm pretty excited to get things moving with this PT. A) It's been almost a month now that Reagan has been without PT (thankfully I think the hippotherapy has been filling that void) and B) this particular therapist is trained in the Feldenkrais method which is something we did many years ago with Reagan. Very interested to see how she works with Reagan. Hoping this change of pace is a good thing for my girl. This afternoon she had OT. She was a little argumentative, but she participated. This afternoon she was very rolly. Rolling over onto her tummy a lot. Really moving around. Tonight she had a bit of a clonidine freak out tonight at bedtime. Went from calm, to crazy just like that. Poor girl. Hoping she can settle down and get some sleep tonight. Not sure what to expect tomorrow...

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