Saturday, March 10, 2018

Dress up

This morning Mike went fishing while the kiddos and I hung out. Reagan got in some new clothes I had ordered for her, so we played dress up. The company Wildflowers Clothing is a new sister company of Kelly's Kids (the company Ryan has modeled for). There have only been a few releases, and this was the first one that we have seen. The stuff is ADORABLE. So well made and detailed, I loved it all. And the fabrics...SO soft. It's girls only, so lots of dresses and everything is maximum cuteness. The way you get them is through consultants/pop up shops that they have, where you can see the different pieces and then create a wish list. The consultant places your order for you at a later time and you get what happens to be still available. You have 2 weeks to try it all on and then return what you don't want (free return shipping). So now we must make some difficult decisions...please comment below with your favorites (I'm a terrible decision maker)! Just a side note, my model was not super compliant today. Very high tone and rolly and wouldn't let me fix her hair...messy hair, don't care! 

This first outfit is a top and pants...the top I LOVE is the softest poplin with ribbon detail and the pants are ridiculously soft/stretchy jersey. Although the top flairs out, it was still a bit of a challenge to get on this tight armed girl. Once on, it seemed to fit well. 

The second outfit is a top and pants both made out of the stretchy soft jersey. I like the horses on this one and the coordinating, yet different patterns.

The third outfit is a dress and leggings. This originally was probably my least favorite (as I'm not a huge fan of the orange flower pattern) but the fit of this dress is just so cute and the pattern on the pants/top of the dress...pretty darling. 

The forth outfit is probably one of my favorite dresses EVER. This dress and leggings is just beyond cute. The rainbow fabric, with the lemon fabric, and the cut and trim on this dress...I love it. It however is not practical for Reagan. It has a beautiful open back, but is a little loose in the top in the front. I SO wanted this dress for her, but she would probably only wear it once for a photoshoot and then never again, so it's not the most practical purchase. 

The last is a super cute tank top. I didn't get any pants to go with this, so we just tried it on with some pants she already has. I loved this, again it's super soft jersey, BUT it's a size 14 and it still looks small/short (most of the other things I ordered were plenty big in a size 12). 

We also got a few more pieces that I will include for you to see, but these lost out to the others and didn't make the first cut (so we didn't even try them on). 

I'd love to know what you think about everything. And please check out Wildflowers Clothing company on facebook, instagram, and their blog! Just wanted to share because this is such super cute stuff!


Renae Winkler said...

Reagan looks so cute in all of these. I love the top with the horses and also the one with rainbows. I'm not sure how comfortable the blue top would be for Reagan. It's not as roomy as the others.

Anonymous said...

The first one is beautiful! My favorite!

Reagan Leigh said...

Thanks for the feedback. I reluctantly sent the rainbow dress back...but we did keep the horse top! She’ll definitely get a lot of use out of that one.

Reagan Leigh said...

That one was my favorite as well, but after trying it on twice we decided it was just too snug in the arms. 😭 So sad. We decided to keep the green dress instead, since it was so comfy and fit her so well.