Saturday, March 3, 2018

A pokemon party

Today was Ryan's birthday party. It was also a bad day for our girl. Thankfully we had a nurse working this morning and one for this afternoon to be here during Ryan's party. She slept a lot, so that was good, but she was pretty upset while awake. This is the first solo party Ryan has ever had. With both he and Reagan having March birthdays, we've always just had joint parties at our home for both of them (that consisted mainly of family and friend of the family). But now that he's in kindergarten, we had 16 classmates to invite, so we figured we'd have the party at a bounce place. We had a pretty good turnout, more than half of his classmates were there plus siblings so we had about 20+ kids (5 classmates RSVP'd that they couldn't make it and 2 dropped out last minute due to illness). Not a bad turnout. Grandma made another fabulous cake. I ordered some super cute cookies for party favors (that saved some stress). Ryan had a blast. He was all sweaty and red faced by the time we did pizza/cake. Then he was ready to leave so he could get home and open presents. He had a great day and we're all ready to crash!

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