Thursday, February 8, 2018

Update for the week...

So this post will be a weekly update of sorts. Reagan's weekend was good and she's had a nice week as well! She was a little more vocal/kooky at the beginning of the week but she's definitely mellowed out in the last two days or so. Now she's more just precious! Super smiley and cooing away. Such a darling girl! Our nurse called out yesterday and today, so that's added some stress, but we've managed to juggle everything around and get a few hours covered so we wouldn't have to miss any appts. Reagan did have a seizure on Monday...I had just been thinking it had been a while since we had seen one. There was nothing that would've predicted it, it was quite unexpected, but thankfully it was a short maybe 30sec one and then she was back to normal. We still don't have her horseback riding (hippotherapy) up and running just yet, but that should happen next week or the following week. The weather has been quite yuck, cold and rainy, lately so it's not like it would've been the best horse back riding weather anyway! As the day has gone on today, Reagan has gotten increasingly tense in her body. She's holding her pees, having temperature dysregulation issues (cold/clammy hands, feet, and legs), and even the one red ear! She's still pretty content...she just seems a little off. More quiet and sensitive. Tonight she had a huge startle that then seemed to trigger a seizure with a head turn and eye blinking. Ugh. I thought we were seeing less of those. Hopefully she can continue having good days. Sweet girl.

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