Monday, January 29, 2018

Nausea for a bad day

Reagan slept in a little this morning and woke up very serious but OK (and no longer nauseous)! She wasn't awake for long before she dozed back off (still in her chair). We didn't dare mess with her, we were just hoping she'd wake back up OK. That did not happen. She woke up just after noon and the crying started. We moved her to the floor, got the first pee of the day from her, and gave her some oxycodone. She dozed back off. She was up and down the rest of the afternoon (crying when awake), but thankfully she didn't require any more medicine. Just some consoling and she'd fall back to sleep. We kept her on her mat on the floor, happy that she was finally able to get out of her chair and lay down. Really hoping she can sleep tonight, but it doesn't look good. My poor sweet girl. Hoping she has a much better day tomorrow.

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