Monday, December 25, 2017

Very Merry Christmas

Reagan had an AMAZING day today! Merry Christmas to us! Seriously, this is the best present we could have gotten. She has been content and relaxed and just so SO good. It's been a bit sister and her husband drove in this morning from Dallas with their 3 now we have 5! And to be perfectly honest, everyone was really well behaved except for my mom's puppy (who likes to harass everyone else) but she's still a baby so that's to be expected. Reagan did awesome with everything. The opening of presents, the dogs, the cooking/eating...she was just a perfect lady. Ryan had a blast of course, but he's going through a bit of withdrawal now that all of the presents have been opened! It was a great day. The kids were great, the food was great, and we hung out and played games until late tonight. A very merry Christmas indeed...

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