Monday, December 18, 2017

Super spunky

My girl woke up this morning smiley and in a good mood. Whew! Wasn't so sure how today would go. She was difficult to get to sleep last night, very kooky/vocal. She slept well though. She did wake up once around 4am but she dozed back off and slept til 7:30am or so. She's been in a good mood today. Still a little on the kooky side, at times sounding upset, but she never actually got upset. She dozed off for a bit this morning and almost slept through speech, but she woke up just in time. She's been super spunky but good. She had a great session of speech and PT and then had school/vision this afternoon. She did well with everything. Such a precious girl. Hoping she can hold on and continue to have good days. Tomorrow her teacher wants to come and bring her friend from school. So fun! On a not so fun note, Ryan, who has been coughing and sniffly for a couple of days now, is running a full blown fever tonight. It's looking like he's going to have to miss his last day of school! Of course it would be most fun day of school too...his class Christmas party! :( Poor guy. Of course I've been baking and icing cookies like crazy for his class. Guess I'll have to take those up there myself tomorrow. Praying for a quick recovery and that he doesn't infect anyone else (especially his sister) right here before the holidays!

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