Thursday, December 28, 2017

Still precious and calm

Reagan has had another great day today. She was up a little early, but SO adorable and so precious. She's still VERY laid back and loosey goosey today. SO mellow. I don't think I've ever...EVER...seen her go four days in a row this laid back and calm. Not just her personality, but more importantly, her body! Hands are relaxed and laying by her side, legs completely still. It's so nice to see her at rest! She's been a little sleepy today as well. She had PT this morning and then took a nice long nap afterward. When she woke back up, she was a little burpy and grinding her teeth (first and only sign of any tension) but still very calm and relaxed. Hoping that's not a sign of things to come. Hormones could be responsible too, so maybe some ibuprofen is in order? Sweet girl. Really hoping the good days continue for her. I love seeing her this relaxed.

Couldn't get a smile for my pic, but you can see how relaxed she is by her arm just hanging down beside her!

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