Friday, December 8, 2017

Smiley girl

Reagan had a great day today. No therapies and nothing really going on, but she was oh SO smiley all day long! She's still a tad on the kooky side, so music on tv and us talking among ourselves (and not directly to her) does get her a little riled up and she gets super vocal. But overall, she's been pretty laid back and smiley today. Very squirmy, like yesterday, moving all over the floor! No more snow today, but it was nice while it lasted. We didn't get quite as much as some areas of Austin, but we got enough to cover the cars, roofs, and lawns. It melted as soon as the sun hit it this morning, but it sure was pretty when we woke up! I continue to feel pretty lousy. I think I have a respiratory infection triggered by allergies. Hopefully it's nothing that's contagious, but I did notice both Ryan and Mike are a bit sniffly today. Trying my best not to breathe on my girl too much! Keep it in your prayers that she can stay healthy. Busy week next week, full of drs appts that are hard to get into and have already been rescheduled once!

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