Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sleepy but smiley

Reagan had another good day today. She woke up vocal and happy. She was super sweet and smiley. A little more into her hands today, but still not as much as usual. She dozed off for a little while this morning and then woke back up for a bit. But she dozed back off and then stayed asleep for most of the day. She woke back up tonight with a bang and was quite energetic and vocal. Not laughy anymore, but still super smiley and adorable. She did get a little kooky before bed, but that may have just been gas related. She's had quite a bit of gas tonight. Maybe because she slept all day and couldn't get it out? Really hoping she settles down and gets some sleep tonight and has a good week this week! Only two more days of school and her teachers are all wanting to come before the break!

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