Sunday, December 3, 2017

Santa take 2

This morning we had yet another visit with Santa. We had signed up for Sensory Santa over a month ago, so we weren't really sure it would even be a good day for Reagan. But since she woke up happy once again, we figured we'd go see Santa for the second day in a row. Reagan was very laid back, but still not smiley. We had to put her arm around Santa, not because she was trying to put her hands in her mouth, but because she was so low tone, she needed help staying upright. The pictures weren't bad, but they weren't as good as yesterday. And they only let us pick ONE picture for $40! Not the best deal. Oh well. Still glad my girl was having a good enough day to visit Santa again! Tonight she was a little nauseous. I tried draining her tummy, but nothing really came out. I was very nervous that it was going to turn into a full blown nausea episode, but thankfully she dozed off and seemed OK. Praying that she's better in the morning. I debated switching her over to pedialyte overnight, but I think I'm going to keep her on her formula and just hope for the best.

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