Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Rough start but not a bad day

Reagan woke up last night and this morning crying, so we didn't have a lot of hope for today being a good day. But she settled down and her cries turned into laughs! We were even able to take her to her orthotic appt this morning. We picked up her new AFOs, as she was outgrowing her previous pair. The new ones are blue with pink and multi colored butterflies (one of the few patterns/colors she hasn't had). She had to miss PT due to the appointment, but we did make it home in time for OT. She was a rockstar for OT today! Doing exactly what her OT was asking of her, she really does respond better to her than anyone. Tonight Reagan was very quiet and calm but grinding and clenching her teeth nonstop. She was also producing lots of spit, which was making her a bit chokey. Hoping she can loosen up and get some sleep tonight.

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