Saturday, December 23, 2017

Not good...

Let's just start by saying it's been a nice long stretch of good days. I was hoping maybe we could extend it until Christmas, but I unfortunately know that is unlikely. That being said, it wasn't a 100% bad day, but a definite big step in the wrong direction. Reagan woke up tense and has been very serious and tense all day. No one could get a smile or laugh out of her...not even Grandma! She also seems to be holding her urine, not an uncommon characteristic on her tense days, but one we hope to avoid. She took a nice long nap from about 10:30am-3pm. When she woke up (she was still dry), and she was VERY tense. I tried talking and interacting with her and it only made her worse. She got very bitey and I had to just limit my interaction with her. She got increasingly tense as the night went on and by bed time, she had pretty much gone over to the dark side. Crying and flailing. She'd calm down when I picked her up and held her and then sleep for a bit with the help of medication but then wake up irate way too soon. Poor girl. Really praying she can turn this around before Christmas.

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