Thursday, December 14, 2017

Much better

Reagan is having a MUCH better day today, which is good because I have had my hands full with Ryan and his dental procedure. Ryan had a couple of suspicious cavities on his back molars that needed to be checked out under anesthesia (he won't tolerate them looking in his mouth much less xrays or fillings). Turns out he did need fillings and he also had a tooth that was a little crooked with a super long root that was going to cause his permanent tooth to come in crooked. The dentist made an executive decision to just pull that tooth while he was in there, so as to save any future issues with that tooth. So I was obviously really surprised when he walked in from doing what I thought were just fillings and handed me a tooth! Ryan did really well with everything and we were up and out of there very quickly. Sweet boy. He had to miss school today and he's been doing so well in school this last week! Hopefully he goes back and continues to have good days! Only a few days left before Christmas break!

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