Friday, December 29, 2017

Kooky girl

Reagan has been a little kooky/vocal today! Gone are the days of total relaxation! She's been very spunky all day. I noticed right away a little sensitivity in her eyes, but it was later apparent she was pretty sensitive to noises/music as well. She was also NOT a fan of us talking to anyone but her! When I would come in and try to talk to the nurse, she would freak out a little (and settle down the second we stopped talking). She was also a little gaggy today, but usually just on her own hands she was trying to cram down her throat. Her nurse kept an arm restraint on her much of the day to prevent that. Tonight she was a little more laid back (not really sensitive to us talking or the tv), but still very vocal and kooky! Hopefully we can get this kooky girl to sleep tonight!

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