Saturday, December 2, 2017

I Love Christmas!

Reagan had a good day today. Very calm and laid back. Perfect for a trip to go see Santa! Reagan and Ryan's school was having a Breakfast with Santa event this morning. My friend arranged for us to go up there early and have some one on one time with Santa before everything got started. Before all of the kids filled the gym and before Santa became germy. It was SO nice. Santa was beautiful and the whole experience was perfect. Reagan was in a great mood, not smiley, but very content and still. We got some really good pics! I'm pretty sure I'll be using these on our Christmas card this year. Tonight we took advantage of Reagan's laid back behavior to go see Christmas lights! When it got dark tonight, we decided to head back over to the two cul de sacs nearby that go all out for Christmas. This time we actually synced our radio to the lights at Anna Ct and it was AMAZING. If I lived on this street, you couldn't get me to come inside at night. I was in heaven. The kids seemed to enjoy it too! Even Mike, who is the scrooge in our family, enjoyed it! Every other song, the lights sync to the music! So fun!!! And what an amazing job they do decorating. I love seeing trees that are lined to the tips of their branches! I've tried to do a tree like that in the past, and it's SO difficult and time consuming, and mine didn't look anywhere near as great as these! Did I mention I LOVE CHRISTMAS?!?!

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