Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Good girl, sick boy

Today was the last day of school and while my girl woke up still spunky and sweet, my poor boy woke up miserable and feverish and had to miss his class party (boo). Reagan was great though and her teacher came up with the wonderful idea to bring her friend Carley over during her lesson. It was such a great idea! They worked on some fun projects and Carley helped out...both girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I took Ryan in to the dr this afternoon. The dr thought for sure he had strep based on the look of his throat, but when he swabbed for flu/strep/rsv...it came back as RSV! Great. Now the quarantine must begin. We kept Reagan upstairs the rest of the night with her air purifier close by. Ryan was still running a high fever tonight, so we're just hoping he is able to get some sleep! Prayers he starts feeling better soon and that Reagan doesn't catch it!

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