Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cold, rainy day

Reagan woke up early this morning being super vocal/kooky but good. That pretty much sums up her entire day today. Vocal/kooky but good. She's definitely been spunky, but she did great with it all, even though we had to take her out in the cold and rainy weather to go to a dental checkup. Her teeth look good so all is well. We aren't planning on doing any cleanings/xrays again until she needs to have anesthesia for something else, and then we'll do the two at the same time. So for now, just a check up. She fell asleep in the car on our way home, but woke as soon as we took her out. She's fallen asleep off and on today, taking little cat naps here and there, but who can blame her. She was up early this am and it's perfect sleeping weather! She was awake in time for school though, so this afternoon her teacher came and worked with her. Tonight she was still pretty spunky but dozed off around 10pm with the help of clonidine. Hoping my kooky girl can get some sleepy tonight!

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