Saturday, November 4, 2017

Vocal but good

Reagan was super vocal last night. Not much sleep had by any of us. She was so vocal, I thought a few times that she was getting upset, but she wasn't. Just a little kooky. I think she dozed off and on, but she was up a lot. I was up early this morning to go to my niece's state cross country meet. She finished with a new PR and first for her team, so we were all very proud of her! Mike stayed home with Ryan and we had our Monday nurse picking up this morning, so the kids were covered. I got home and then Mike went to play golf with my dad. Reagan's been in a good mood today. Easy going, still vocal, and lots of fingers in the mouth (with super thick spit). She's been pretty precious though. Super snuggly when I pick her up and hold her. When she can't have her hands in her mouth, her tongue wants to hang out. Not sure what that's about...silly girl.

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