Friday, November 10, 2017

Very, very bad day

It was rough trying to get Reagan to bed last night, but she finally fell asleep with the help of Ibuprofen (nothing else was working) and then slept several hours. She woke up early crying and that set the tone for the entire day. It was an awful day (and of course we were also nurseless today). She was miserable every waking moment. Medicines weren't working for more than minutes at a time. I felt pretty helpless. And stressed. We were both super stressed. It was a loooooooong day. Then tonight when changing her pjs, she chomped right into one of her fingers. Ugh. That's precisely why I've kept restraints on her all day. Take them off for seconds to change her and chomp! Ugh. Praying tomorrow will be better. Tonight is not looking good and I'm still so so tired.

A few moments of calm tonight. Even super stressed, she's still so beautiful!

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