Friday, November 3, 2017

Super sweet but a little off

Reagan was awake and vocal a little earlier than I would have liked today. She was super sweet and darling though. We did observe a stiffening and head turn to the left this morning when we were chatting beside her. Ugh. Damn seizures. She was good afterward and had a good rest of the day. Just laid back, no therapies, her Tues nurse filled in til 2pm today. She did seem a little neurologically off today though. Eye sensitivity. Around 5pm I was downstairs when I heard her make a weird noise. A grunting sort of noise over and over again. Not sure what that was about. I rushed up the stairs and found her extending in her chair and a little foamy at the mouth, so I immediately picked her up and held her. She was super sweaty. She stopped making the stressed out noises and fell asleep in my arms. Eventually I was able to lay her down and she stayed asleep (for a little while anyway). She woke up and I gave her a bath and she was fine. She was awake and rolly the rest of the night. Great mood. Super laid back. No idea what that was about. Hoping for a good weekend for my girl!
(Ryan, on the other hand, had a horrible day/week at school. Aggressive behaviors: pushing, biting, taking toys...not good. Full moon maybe? Ugh.)

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