Sunday, November 5, 2017

So silly

Both kiddos were up and at em early this morning. I'm sure the time change is partially to blame. Reagan was in one of those kooky sort of vocal moods where I just don't think she slept much anyway. Ryan was up by 5:30am and not wanting to go back so sleep. Thankfully both kiddos were cooperative and let me lay back down for a bit while they watched cartoons...but not for long. Reagan has been very laughy today. This morning while I was sitting on the floor with her I noticed she turned to the left, her body stiffened a little, and she was fixed. It was about 10am and lasted for a minute or so. Ugh. Not a fan of this. Again I noticed she could respond to me before she came all of the way out of it (she laughed but her eyes/head was still fixed to the left). She was fine afterward and went right back to her happy self. She literally laughed the day away today! She was a little kooky, but mostly just hysterically laughy! Hoping for a good week this week!

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