Thursday, November 2, 2017

Night out

Reagan had another good day today. She's definitely had a little more tone today, but still in good spirits. She had a morning appointment with urology. We didn't really have much to report, but figured we should go ahead and go since I've already rescheduled several times. Even though she's still having some holding, we've been able to get her to go with the "warm water method" and haven't had to resort to cathing in a very long time (thank God)! Then we headed home and got back just in time for OT. Her therapist worked with her downstairs and she did well. I baked Mike a birthday cake and then took Ryan to speech. Mike came home and we went out to 6th street to listen to some live music. Our neighbor from Houston has a son that plays here in Austin and we were able to go and watch him. He was excellent and we had a great time. So glad we were able to get out (thanks to our Thursday night nurse and Grandpa)!

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