Saturday, November 11, 2017

Miserable crying to miserable nausea

Thank God our Monday nurse had asked about picking up this morning. I spent the majority of the night last night just counting down the hours until she would get here. It was ROUGH. Such an awful night. She had to have her arm restraints on most of the day because she was gnashing her teeth and biting herself (which of course only made her more angry). She was still very miserable today, but crying less. We were even able to take her restraints off this afternoon. And now that she wasn't crying as much, she had time to dedicate to being nauseous. Ugh. Lots and lots of gagging and retching. Lots. We haven't seen nausea like this in a while (certainly not since starting this new formula). Only this nausea seemed to not be quite like other nausea we've dealt with. I tried venting her tummy multiple times today and nothing. Usually when she's having her nausea spells, liquid just pours out of her vent. Not today. It really seemed to be maybe more reflux related. She was having these episodes where she'd gag and then arch up out of her chair nearly busting through her harness! It reminds me of episodes I read about called Sandifer syndrome. Patients, usually babies, but also kids have reflux episodes that look almost like seizures. That's what these looked like. During one of these episodes I was trying to get her settled back into her chair and CHOMP she bit into another finger! Ugh. Arm restraints back on. I tried Zofran to see if it would help but nothing. I wish we had something else to try for the reflux. I hate seeing her like this. Really hoping she'll sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow feeling better. I did switch her over to pedialyte tonight. Hopefully that will help. Prayers for my girl are appreciated. (Oh and by the way, it was our 17th wedding anniversary today! Happy anniversary to us!)

Ryan went to two bday parties this afternoon! Welcome to kindergarten! He had fun, but was exhausted and ready to go home.

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