Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Horseback riding therapy

Reagan had another good day today. She had speech and PT this morning and even got up in her stander for a bit. I went with Grandma to pick up her new afghan puppy and then let Reagan check her out a little. Pretty cute. Grandma then headed home and we took Reagan to Open my World, a theraputic riding center to see about enrolling her in hippotherapy. Her little friend Carley has been taking lessons there for years, so we thought we'd check it out. Carley just so happened to be finishing up with her lesson when we got there, so we were able to watch and then spend a few minutes with her and her mom. Then we just went over the pamphlet and scheduled an evaluation for next week. They will probably do this with a rider sitting behind Reagan to give her support (hold her on) and volunteers on each side of her. Reagan seemed to enjoy our time there, so I think she'll really enjoy getting out and doing this once a week (and hopefully she'll improve her core strength while doing it). With the weather finally getting more tolerable, I think it should be a nice little activity to do with her this time of the year (not so sure about summer, but def winter/spring). We'll see how it goes next week! Today is Mike's birthday and although we had no big plans to celebrate (since he had a business dinner tonight), we did celebrate it with a WORLD SERIES WIN BY THE HOUSTON ASTROS!!! So excited!!

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