Monday, November 6, 2017

Goofy girl

Reagan was up the entire night laughing. All night long. Seriously. She's been still a bit goofy today, no where near the laughs of yesterday/last night. She had speech this morning and to my surprise, she was very much into her hands (she seemed very still this morning). It was hard to keep her attention, she was so focused on those fingers. After speech, we headed over to a orthotic appointment. Her PT noticed a few weeks ago that she was getting pretty close to the edge of her AFO and that it was probably time for new ones. So today we went and she got casted. Probably not the best day for it as she was def more tense than previous days, but we made it work. It was a little messy and noisy (she's not particularly fond of the saw they use to cut the casts off), but she made it through and she'll have some new butterfly AFOs to show for it. No school or PT today, so the rest of the afternoon she just took it easy. We were supposed to have her evaluation for hippo therapy this Wednesday, but it's looking like a cool front is going to come through on that day and it's going to be cold and rainy, so I think we may have to reschedule. :(

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