Sunday, September 3, 2017


Today was very similar to yesterday for my girl. She was vocal and a little kooky, but OK. We even went on a little road trip to Mike's sister's house, who lives a little over an hour away. We did go ahead and put her noise cancelling headphones on when we put her in the car, because she immediately got a little kooky/vocal. It was a long drive but both kiddos did well. We kept those headphones on the entire time at his sister's and she did fine. A little kooky but fine. Ryan had a blast playing with his cousins and petting baby chickens. Mike got to visit with his sisters and parents. Good times. We got home just as it was getting dark, just in time to do medicines and get everyone ready for bed. Got a long run in the morning so hopefully everyone behaves and we can all get some sleep tonight.

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