Tuesday, September 5, 2017


So yesterday afternoon we noticed a bit of gagging from my girl. I was just hoping it would be short lived and it seemed to be self inflicted from her shoving her hands down her throat, but apparently it's more than that. She was quite gaggy last night and very restless. Mike couldn't get her to fall asleep in her bed and eventually had to move her to her chair, because we couldn't leave her awake and gaggy in her bed. She was just NOT falling asleep. Very vocal, very active. And there she sat. Awake the entire night. I don't think she ever dozed off once. And she was awake all day today too. She was still nauseous, but thankfully she was in good spirits. She had PT, OT, and school and did surprisingly well for all of them, all things considered. PT and OT were able to get in a lot of stretching, which was good because she's been so tense. She has a distinct bad day smell about her. It's her breath. This weird acidic (almost smells like blood) smell. Mike and I both recognize it all too well. There's also lots of tooth grinding and a very serious face, but every now and then she'll still give us a laugh. Poor girl. She just looks SO tired. And then the retching/gagging. It's so hard to watch. Tonight I'm switching her over to pedialyte. Not sure if it will actually help, but at least it will give her GI system a rest. Hoping and PRAYING my girl can get some sleep tonight. Please keep her in your prayers!

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