Saturday, August 26, 2017

Bad day

Thank God...Reagan finally slept last night. She even slept in this morning. Unfortunately when she finally did wake up, right around 10:30am, she was NOT happy. Wide startled eyes. Very tense. Very stiff like yesterday. But also right away she was on the verge of tears. On a good note, she did have a big wet diaper so at least she's peeing on her own. I moved her to the therapy room and it was immediately apparent this was going to be a bad day. Within minutes of being awake, she was crying and flailing...totally miserable. I gave her some pain medicine which definitely seemed to help and she was able to fall back to sleep fairly quickly. She slept maybe 2.5hrs or so and then woke back up miserable. This time I had to try something else (as it hadn't been 4 hrs yet, so she couldn't have the same medicine again). I picked her up and held her and she eventually fell asleep in my arms. Of course she woke up crying the second I tried to lay her down. So I picked her up and moved to a chair (where at least I had some back support) and we both dozed for over an hour. She eventually woke back up and was super upset again. I moved her back to the floor and gave her another dose of the pain medicine, which again worked like a charm. Poor sweet girl. I just wish we knew exactly what it is that's hurting her on days like these. It's so frustrating (for both her and us) that she can't tell us!

Our butterfly hatched out today! I guess it doesn't care about the torrential rains that are plaguing us!

Hope he's OK!!

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