Saturday, August 5, 2017

So much better

Today was a MUCH better day! Reagan slept last night and woke up vocal and happy. She's obviously feeling much improved and she's been very content and happy all day. We took advantage of this great mood and we all got in the pool today. It was a little sunny, but she seemed to enjoy it! She was moving her legs around and straightening them out in the water, which is great (the last few times she's just pulls them into her chest and won't move at all). Afterward we went for a drive and picked up lunch. Reagan was talking the entire time. I love the way she's looks in this car. So much better than our previous one. She's been super squirmy today. She has squirmed all of the way out of her diaper on more than one occasion! Tonight she seemed a little more tense and was grinding her teeth a lot. She was still content...just tense. She was still awake when Mike put her in bed tonight. Hoping she'll go to sleep but who knows.

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