Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tense and tears

Reagan slept like a rock last night. Mike said when he put her to sleep that he was nervous about a bad day...she rarely goes to sleep that limp unless a bad day is on the horizon. I was just hoping he was wrong. She slept in this morning, waking up in a seemingly calm mood. I could tell her nurse was a little apprehensive (she seemed tense to her), but she seemed super sweet and easy going to me. She had PT around noon and did a good job with that working on trunk rotation. She had her reaching and rotating to touch her switch while sitting up. She did get a little sleepy toward the end and then eventually dozed off. She woke up upset around 5pm but her nurse was able to calm her down with deep breathing and tapping. She woke back up crying around 6:30. She was not happy. I tried to console her but she didn't really calm until she fell asleep again. When she woke back up about 30min later, she was fussy but not crying. I just laid beside her the rest of the night and tried to keep her calm. I noticed her tummy was a bit rumbly (she's due for a poo but no chance she's going to take care of that today). She was OK with a little patting and reassurance. We watched Secrets of the Great Barrier Reef on mute twice in a row. It was very visually soothing and seemed to keep her calm. Thankfully between clonidine and Daddy, she's now asleep in her bed. Praying she sleeps and wakes up feeling a little better in the am!

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