Friday, August 25, 2017

Super tense

Reagan was up most of the night again last night. Woke up around 1:45am (again) and then was tossing and turning and vocalizing til morning. She's A LOT more tense today. Whiney/moany and very stiff. Her legs are either bent up to her chest, or they're straight as boards and it's nearly impossible to get her to budge either way. She also had a definite head turn and stiffening out that appeared to be a seizure (and a few other suspicious moments). Her tube was leaking a lot this morning. Could be because of the increased tone and crunching in half or could be the tube. I wasn't willing to take the risk of having it break over the weekend (with the incoming hurricane). So when they were able to squeeze us in this afternoon for a gj change, we went ahead and took it. We did have to take Ryan along, but thankfully he was pretty well behaved. They did put the tube in upside down again, even after I told them I wanted it the other way, so that's frustrating. It'll be fine, it's just at that position the extension is more likely to fall into the unlock position and pop out. :( Not fun. Reagan was very tense during the switch, but we managed to hold her down enough for them to get it done. We were in and out within an hour (from the second we got there to the second we left), so I was pretty happy about that. We got home and gave my girl a much needed bath, she's been especially sweaty due to being so stressed. We've also done our best today to keep both hands away from her because she's really going to town on them. They are both bright red and the left one (the one she puts in her mouth the most) is cracking in multiple places. She's not happy about the restraints but she does seem to calm down a little when she can't go nuts with those hands. We're seeing more signs of congestion today. She's got a bit of a cough and she's very hoarse. Poor thing. Something is definitely going on. I've also noticed a bit of a bad day smell today, from her sweat and her mouth, so I'm a little nervous to see what this weekend has in store for us. I'm really just hoping she can sleep tonight. It's been days since she's had a decent night's sleep and her poor little bloodshot eyes need some rest. Please keep my girl in your prayers this weekend.

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