Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Still sweet

Today was another good day for my girl. She was still very talky and sweet. She had another session of PT and school/vision today. Gotta take advantage of these good days! Unfortunately OT is on hold right now waiting for approval from the insurance. This whole mess of fighting with them every couple months is ridiculous! Right now they're just cutting everyone left and right. And it's the kids that are suffering. Very sad. Ryan got another thumbs up today, so I guess all is well at school. Tonight Reagan was very squirmy, but in a stressed sort of way. I tried holding her and she just flailed around a lot and was difficult to hold. Eventually I gave her clonidine to help her fall asleep and it that just escalated her a bit. She became even more erratic, but eventually settled down and fell asleep. Hoping she's able to sleep tonight.

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