Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Still adorable

Reagan was up a lot last night, but I do think she dozed occasionally. I heard her making noise when I got back from my run and went in to find her wide eyed and super precious! I was a little worried at first because those wide eyes looked a little wild, but she was actually very calm and content. Still very vocal today. She's been talky and had lots to say all day. She only had one therapy today, PT, but she did really well with it. She did 21 sit to stands!! Actually pushing through her legs to stand up! This is a HUGE improvement. To get her to do any weight bearing is amazing. She's had jello legs for years now! This afternoon we decided to jump in the pool. Ryan was being quite obnoxious (he's in a phase I think), constantly trying to swim under her and then splashing her in the face with water. Our swim was cut a bit short when she twisted to the side and inhaled some water! Ugh. This girl. I let her float for a second while her nurse tried to get a picture of her and her brother, and she twisted to the side and took in an mouth full of water. I pulled her out and laid her on her side, but she recovered fairly quickly. She was great the rest of the night. Very happy rolling around and squirming off her mat on the floor! This girl is a mover and shaker! So adorable...

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